I‘m free (CD)

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I’m free

Fa fa fa fa fa fa 2x

Coming home and throw my work bag away

Want to have some fun, that’s what I say

Reading all day the dry final report

I’ve been in this office way too long

It’s a warm evening in the summer just perfect

for a little hot soccer game with my best friends

Afterwards we’re jumping in the water at the beach

The sounds of guitars at the beach is indescribable fine

Fa fa fa fa fa fa (oh – I’m free) Fa fa fa fa fa fa (oh- to be me)

I feel so soaring with this company

All good vibes a-round belongs to me

Hearing from the distance old evergreens

So I go to there and sing – u la la la

Up there in the old brick house with colored lights

there’s a combo playing and they’re rocking the night

I’m excited to be here in this night

The girl next (to me raises her glass and) toasts to me

Refrain I’m free, – to be what-ever I

That it’s me
want to be – to be what-ever I want

That it’s me
that it’s me – to be what-ever I

That it’s me – that it’s me-e-e
want to be

Afterchorus I know, I know, I know, I know, I know Fa fa fa fa fa fa

I know, I know, I know, I know, I know Fa fa fa fa fa fa
“Where are you from, Long Beach and you?”

“I – just arrived from Albuquerque”

She has long hair and looks beautiful

The clothes she’s wearing, boy are – u la la la

She says: “You can’t take soul and body apart”

“like the body is the soul and the other way around”

“I absolutely agree to that” what can I say

I take her hand, we start to dance our way

C-Part Daba daba daba – my shirttails flying

Daba daba daba – we dig the music

Daba daba daba – we release our minds

We residing in an alternate sphere Afterchorus
– Solo – Refrain Refrain


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