I‘m free (CD)

Different beliefs


Intro          Gitarrenriff     2x       à A7, Bab ba bab bau 

So long girl goodbye

I packed my bags to ride,

Now I bring it to an end, dont make me change my mind

I heeded your advice

to go out far and wide

Don’t want to justi-fy my plans, to take a different way as  you,

Prechorus                      Fire                                 Fire

Chorus                                         We had a good time I will miss you

But now it’s ain’t no time – for me and you

I know all that we have been through

To skip my dreams no no no no no no

Now I’m on my own

So I drive a-way,

Left the lake Ge-neva, the next pass  is   five Miles a-way

Don’t want to stop no more, I need to clear my conscience, I look up and see the sky

Thousends of clouded feelings, thousends of thoughts – now I want to look ahead

Prechorus                      Fire                                 Fire

Chorus                         We had a good time I will miss you …

Of course, it breaks my heart – oh  just like it’s breaking hers

She’s a great girl – she’ll find a man – who’s is in love with her

a decent good one – who – ap-preciates her greatness

For me it’s “now or never” so I need – to be fearless

and she don’t like my ambititon – that’s the crux of the matter

But that’s exactly what I badly need – for my future

To reach my things – to suc-ceed and to grow more

But now I won’t see her no more, no more, no more

Chorus                                         Chorus 2x


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