I‘m free (CD)




I wish I – had a house with a garden

Where the roses sing beautiful tunes

Where the trees play piano in the late night

Where I wake up in the arms of my love


Do you do you – live how you want to

did you already set up the way you like

are your cats dancing waltzes on your meadow

1)did you enjoy the way you walked to get here

2) and at the end of your day – did you enjoy the way you walked to get here

I wish a had a sky full of angels

helping me to find real love and the trueness

where the rabbits swaying in the spot light

to the music i’m gone to create

(Brigde 2)


Now I’m ready to keep on

roll on – through the danger Zone

now I’m – riding the torential river’s path

that brings me to my fairy    –     tale

As life goes on I roll roll roll roll roll roll

And on my way I grow grow grow grow grow grow

S2 -> Brigde

Then when the swans – would take me on a soaring flight

I would see the landscape of the – lives that went on down below,

I would invite the people – from their usual daily mess,

to stay a while in my fairytaile bliss




Now I  –  see the light – at the end of this ardous tunnel

We will – all be together, in our fairytaile of life.

Refrain 2x End


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