I‘m free (CD)

Great big day


Gave you a night slide ride,

gave you a balloon flight,

gave you the soft starlight

ga-a-ave  –  you – the – soft

gave you the soft starlight

Gave you  the moon outside,

from my deep love inside

and – I know I’m  right,

and – I know I’m  right,

‘cause you give me so much more

I’ve always told you, I’ll always be there for you

And I promise we’ll live as – one forever and a day

We’re having the time of our true lives

we will reach the highest heights – and I‘ll always true to you

Great big Day, in the morning light

I’m all set to climb high high high

Pretty girl, you are my delight

How on earth did I de – serve this love?

à Gitarrenriff

à  Bab ba bab bau ….

and just the way you are

it makes me glow inside

so who can ask for more

s o  –  who  –  can  –  ask   for    more

so who can ask for more

and in the prime of life

or in the sunset years

I ‘ll    always  be this glad

I ‘ll   –   al  –  ways – be this glad,

to have you by my side,

à Prechorus                                   


à Gitarrenriff

Refrain 3x                    à Gitarrenrif |  Bab ba bab bau – auf   Dm   enden

à Gitarrenriff


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