I‘m free (CD)

Seven years


Intro          Gitarrenriff     2x       à Love

Seven years of struggle’n fight,             Seven years with a leading light,

You know to work your way                  – up the hard long way

Not only your –  lifetime, right?             Not only your –  money, right?

Is the price that you have paid       –  and now you are right here

The list of all you’ve done – like a high rise

Hmm hmm hmm

See what you have reached till this da-a-ay

You did what you had to do-o-oo,

You want to give up ‘cos | of a little slip of yours now

Do what you are good at,               that torch of bright light that

leads to your destiny – so now just keep on

The fire burns through the veils          of your world to clear your sight

the Change for you if you’re –  ready to see your light

It’s time to stay on course – and now keep ahead

Hmm hmm hmm

You can act from your solid ba – a – se

Falls help you – to grow u – u – p

In  that – brief moment you | just might you close the door for years, so

All you’ll get – all you get (is more)  |  than you – ever expect    (With)

Don’t give up don’t give up (one day) | you will meet your target

All you’ll get – all you get (is more)  |  than you – ever expect    (With)

all your sweat, all your sweat (you’ll be) | satisfied – and perfect

It will turn out all right

All you get is more than you dream, win and loose edge is very slight

See, the wall of china was built out of little – zillion brick that was put stone of stone

Just be patient – go one step, give it to all until nothing left

In the beginning if it’s rising or falling – it will turn out all right





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